We are at war. Some understand this, most don’t. The time of living as though it’s “peace and safety” is over. It’s time to arm ourselves with absolutely every form of spiritual weapon given to us by God and USE IT. Our enemy is becoming bolder and bolder every day for two reasons: there is little resistance to him in the Spirit, and there is also little resistance to him in the natural. The latter is a direct result of the former.

The battle is intense and even some of God’s finest warriors have become weary from contending and have resigned themselves to believing that things are bad and will only get worse. We mustn’t allow ourselves to fall into this trap of the enemy and lay down our weapons and quit. We must keep our focus and remember who we are. We are God’s warriors and we are His defense system in the earth. We have a responsibility and a job to do and we must fight until the battle is finished.

You’ve heard us say recently that as goes Israel, so goes the rest of the world. Unfortunately we’ve all become a little desensitized due to the headlines we are inundated with day in and day out, but I would ask that you stop for a moment, take a deep breath and watch this video. It is a clear image behind the veil of our enemy…


It’s not our normal practice to include violent videos in our updates, but sometimes we must open our eyes and hearts to actually see what is taking place. This is happening to the very people that you and I are grafted into. It is happening to the people to whom God has put first. We may not like the way that sounds, but it’s made clear that our Messiah came to the Jew first and the Gospel is to continue to go, to the Jew first. And make no mistake about it, they are targeted for one reason and its because God said, “you are My people.”

This video is only one of many occurrences that are happening daily here in Israel. This one in particular was here in Jerusalem, about twenty minutes away from us.




If you did just watch this video, you’ll notice the perpetrator was relentless in his desire to kill and maim. Even after being shot, he gets up two or three more times in an attempt to continue killing.

In Israel, at least when missiles are being fired there is an early warning system that sounds and gives us a few minutes warning to protect ourselves. With vehicular attacks there is no defense. One Israeli woman recently said: “Stabbings have no warning siren; how do I protect my children from such random attacks? I can’t lock them up in a shelter.”

When the Lord spoke to us several months ago and said, “go stand and be a defense in Israel” and then added, “the greatest defense is My presence” it was not without significance. God has called us here to build a defense in the Spirit over Israel through prayer, intercession and worship. It is up to us as believers to do this as there is no natural means capable of winning a spiritual battle! The Father is watching and taking note of who is defending the people that He has called the apple of His eye, and the city of the Great King. As a nation, the United States has made it’s choice to sleep with the enemy by agreeing to sign the recent Iran nuclear deal, but as individuals we still have a choice as to how we support and defend Israel, no matter what our country has done.

Please join us in battling in the spirit to defend this people and this nation so the harvest of Jews that God so longs to bring in, can be reaped.