From the moment we set things in motion to come to Israel we’ve been in complete awe at the way in which God has moved to bring to pass all He spoke to us about being here. We’ve experienced God move on our behalf time and time again as we were forging the work in Africa, but the degree of favor and divine order we are witnessing as we’ve stepped out in obedience to make a base in Israel and be a defense in the Spirit here is unsurpassed. It began with a word that the Lord spoke to us when He said: “I want you to go, stand and be a defense in Israel.” Once we agreed and made the decision to go, God began to move for us and within just a short time He had miraculously provided what we needed to plan, arrive and get started on our move here, but this was only the very beginning of His favor…


Backing up just a little in the story, something that was of concern when the Lord began speaking to us about Israel was that we had just begun making plans to strengthen the work in Malawi. It was a challenge trying to understand how moving to Israel would really help us accomplish this, but we felt the Lord telling us, “If you will focus on what I’m telling you to focus on, Malawi will be blessed in a greater way than if you focused on her alone.” We took Him at His Word and continued to move forward with a complete focus on blessing Israel and being a defense to her in the Spirit.

We began looking online for an apartment before we left the States and found a few possible options, but there was one in particular that we felt the most peace about. As we began communicating with the owner, who is a jewish man, he asked why we were coming to Israel? If you’re familiar at all with the situation here, you’ll know that Israel does not want missionaries here preaching the gospel. We told him there were two reasons for our coming. One is to learn more about the agricultural technologies that Israel has developed and to implement them at our orphan care center in Malawi. We explained that our desire is to make a shining example of what Israel produces and to use it as a testimony of the goodness and hand of God that has come from His people. Second, we want to pray for Israel and support her in every way that we can. Little did we know what a fire would be kindled from these words.

We arrived here in Jerusalem on a Saturday evening and our landlord and his wife greeted us and showed us into our new home. We had hardly even crossed the threshold when the owner said he wanted to sit down and “discuss” some things with us. His wife however knew that it might be a lengthy conversation and said it would be better to talk the next day. The following afternoon we met with our landlord and he began to tell us with utter amazement that he couldn’t believe we had chosen his apartment to live in. He said he was completely convinced that “something” must have led us to him. He  explained that he is a very well connected man in the community and knows many key people in the agricultural business and would like to introduce us to them. He  said that ever since he had read what we wrote about implementing the Israeli developed agricultural methods in Malawi, he hadn’t slept for almost three nights! He began to research and look into Malawi and found that the first thing the newly elected Malawian vice president did was to come to Israel to strengthen their ties and commitment to her, and that Malawi was the only nation in Africa that has never broken ties with Israel. He began to talk about getting volunteers from Israel to help us with the work in Malawi, as this was simply in the DNA of Israeli’s. He went on to say that he knows the President of Israel, and is very good friends with his top advisor, and that it might even be possible to get some kind of an endorsement from them.

Here we are, less than 24 hours after arriving in Israel, still recovering from jet-lag, and our Jewish landlord is telling us how he can’t sleep and is totally excited about helping us to bless Malawi! We were quite overwhelmed, but it didn’t stop there.

He also told us that one of his sons is a well respected doctor here, and the other is the Dean of one of the top Israeli universities, and that he felt they might want to help too and would like to introduce us to them.

Over the next few weeks we met with his family and were given great favor with his son who is Dean of Ben Gurion University in Eilat. He arranged a time for us to meet with two University Doctors who are in charge of the “Center for African Studies.” One of which has actually worked in Malawi and has a burden to help the people there.

Our meeting with them resulted in the University expressing their desire to possibly work with us and send some of their finest, most qualified students as volunteers to contribute to the work in Malawi and to gain experience in African culture.

So what does all this mean? First, it was an all out fulfillment of what God had spoken to our hearts, that if we would give ourselves to what His priority is in this hour, He would cause His blessings to flow on everything else as well. The greater includes the lesser. Also, we are acknowledging that God’s favor has gone before us and we believe that through these divine connections it may be possible to get a multi-entry visa into Israel through the University. This will not only stabilize us in a country where its difficult for non-jews to be stabilized, but will give us an open door to be a witness to young college aged Israeli’s. It will also help position us to be in the country to do what is foremost in our hearts to do, which is to establish a base of worship and intercession from which to bless Israel and defend her in the Spirit.

These things haven’t all happened yet, but there are some amazing things in the mix that we would like for you to pray about.

  1. Please pray for continued favor and direction, and for the ability to be here with an approved visa.
  2. We’ve found a place that accommodates our living, meeting and office space, but it’s costly like everything is here in Jerusalem. We need a supernatural increase in our finances to pay for this.
  3. We need people to pray and fast for us and for what God is doing in Israel. The culmination of all things is upon us and is unfolding. It’s time to war in the Spirit and by force reap the harvest.
  4. We need co-laborers in the Spirit who have like vision to join with us to build this work. Please pray for God to both choose these laborers and then to connect us.