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We’ve now developed new relationships in Israel and have recently been able to connect with one of the growers in the Arava Valley which is responsible for most of the cutting edge research and development as regards to agriculture here in Israel. We were truly blessed as the head of the department personally showed us around the entire facility and afterward spent an hour with us discussing the situation in Malawi and offering to us any assistance that we might need in order to duplicate what they are doing here.

It’s truly amazing to see how in the middle of the desert, literally, there is an oasis of fruits and vegetables being grown. If someone had asked me on the drive to where we were going, do you think anything could grow out here? I would have confidently said no! Of course, I would have been proven wrong.

It’s an ironic thing that in the Arava valley, which is in the Negev desert, ninety percent of it’s residents are farmers. These men and women have taken this dry, arid place, along with it’s soil and water, which are both high in salt content, and have forged a way forward that now produces approximately sixty percent of all of Israel’s exported agriculture products.

Israel and Israeli farmers have the technology as well as a track record of producing results through extreme environmental obstacles. They also have a willingness to share it’s blessings with those who need it. Our purpose is twofold in working together with Israel:

  1. We want to implement the agricultural methods developed here, primarily drip irrigation, as well as other methods of organic and natural pest control at our own care center in Malawi. Our goal is to become as self sufficient as possible and to increase the productivity of our land. Then, after this has proven itself successful, we would like to implement it at other orphan care centers throughout Malawi and Africa. Our hope is to make a shining example of what Israel produces and to use it as a testimony of the goodness and hand of God.
  2. We also have it in our hearts to support Israel in every way that we can. In so doing the above, we will be supporting Israel as a whole, it’s farmers, it’s companies whose products we use, and hopefully strengthening the overall relations between Malawi and Israel.

So what’s next and where do we go from here? We’ve only just scratched the surface of meeting with the different growers and agricultural companies that we can potentially begin to build ongoing relationships with. After we do this, we will begin to put together an agricultural plan for our current land in Malawi and then begin to source both the finances needed, and a plan to get the products from Israel to Malawi.

We’ve enclosed a video below which explains in a little more detail, the advancements that Israel has produced as regards to agriculture and what are some of the methods that we may be implementing.

This is one part of a video series produced by the 700 Club called Made in Israel. This segment is on agriculture and it’s fascinating to watch!
Hope you enjoy…