The success or failure of a nation is in the hands of its pastors and leaders.

God has given us a wide open door in Malawi to minister to hundreds of pastors and leaders throughout the nation. We consider it a privilege given to us by God when we bring these leaders together for a time of worship and ministry of the Word.

We bring them together from all parts of the country and provide travel expenses, lodging and meals. We also equip them with Bibles, books and evangelism tools for use in reaching their communities.

These men and women truly have a passion for Jesus and for ministering to their own people but because of extreme poverty in the country most of them don’t have enough income from their church alone to support their families.

In addition to ministering to these pastors through our conferences we have also added supporting key leaders financially. This will help strengthen their labors to advance God’s kingdom in their nation. This support is a huge blessing to these men and women of God and it truly changes their lives.

If you would like to find out how you can support a pastor, click the link below.