Through our Bread For Life project, we have provided tons of food for the most vulnerable families in the outer, neglected areas of Malawi. Because of frequent drought, many families every year suffer from severe hunger and malnutrition, which often results in death. Those most at risk are mothers with young infants, people living with HIV/AIDS, and families caring for children of their deceased loved ones.

The primary function of this project has been the implementation of Whole Life Gardens. These gardens provide a full spectrum of agricultural assistance as well as animal husbandry schemes that produce both meat and vegetables year round for an entire family. This is done by supplying the initial provision of livestock, seed, farming tools, wells, etc., as well as teaching new and current agricultural technologies that revolutionize the output of small plots of land.

Because of the extreme severity of the AIDS pandemic in Malawi our Bread For Life Project has primarily targeted those who are living with AIDS. It is imperative that AIDS victims eat a well balanced diet, and through this project along with proper medical care, these families are able to live healthier lives and are given the opportunity to raise their own children and not leave them as orphans.

Through Bread For Life we have been able to preach the gospel as well as to demonstrate it by giving God’s provision of daily bread.