Malawi, Africa-

God has richly blessed us with many years of laboring for His purposes and among His people in Malawi, Africa. We have ministered to hundreds of key leaders throughout the country and have had the privilege of building an orphan care center in which we are able to take care of many children who’s parents have died from AIDS.

We are currently focusing our efforts in Malawi on the following aspects of ministry:

  • Leadership Conferences with a strong emphasis on worship and intercession, as well as how and why we need to be undergirding Israel in the Spirit in this hour.
  • Orphan Care. We thoroughly enjoy expressing the compassion and heart of God to these children who have been left destitute and apart from Jesus, absolutely hopeless.




We have a strong conviction that Israel is the epicenter of all that is happening in the earth today and that as goes Israel, so goes the rest of the world.

The Lord has recently ministered a word to our hearts to, “Go stand and be a defense in Israel.” We believe this means to both worship and intercede in Israel and on behalf of Israel. Since that time we have begun to establish a presence in Israel and are currently including her in our focus. We are allowing the Holy Spirit to direct us in the best way to support and undergird her in the Spirit. Along with our current responsibilities in Malawi, Africa, we will be continuing to establish a base of worship and Intercession in Jerusalem.